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Real Estate Services

Forbes Realty TCI is a small realty brokerage, providing personal and highly focused property development, acquisition and research services to buyers or sellers of property on Middle and North Caicos. This brokerage took a strategic decision in 2005 not to be involved with mega projects, condominium developments or main resort areas in Providenciales. In 2012, we pioneered the “Go Beyond Provo” campaign to promote property investment on other islands in Turks & Caicos, championing the special and unique features offered by each island.

Forbes Realty TCI is noted for its hands-on, knowledgeable services. As a private brokerage we focus definitively on your needs. We co-operate fully with all TCREA/MLS realtors to assist our clients with any and all real estate opportunities in TCI, on any island. Join us and “Go Beyond Provo”! We are delighted to bring you the very best realty opportunities across TCI.

Go Beyond Provo : Real Estate Expertise
In depth real estate market knowledge of all islands in TCI gives this firm valuation skills second to none, and enables a superb market overview to facilitate the best services for both buyers and sellers. We firmly believe in the investment value of properties beyond Providenciales. And the quality of life beyond Providenciales is magnificent - traditional culture is alive with a warm and welcoming population of local residents. Our agents actually live on the islands where they sell property, and will be your neighbours there for a long time, so making great deals with all parties satisfied is our primary goal! We love happy neighbours! As a seller, allow us to best position your property in front of the serious market segment interested to Go Beyond Provo, and post your listing on our website. Over the years our expertise has been noted and our regular enewsletter realty reports go direct to almost 2000 readers looking for information on our islands. As a buyer, allow us to find the perfect island and perfect property for your business or home, in the villages and communities along the shores or on the ridges of Middle and North Caicos. Our ongoing research keeps our records current, with up to date maps, land titles and block plans at hand in our offices on North and Middle Caicos. Come and explore with us! Email forbesrealtytci@gmail.com.

Generational Land Claims
Throughout the country a vast amount of property exists as “generational land”, property which is held on title by ancestors long dead, and to which successive generations of heirs all have legitimate claim. Extensive experience with Turks and Caicos Islands generational land claims enables this company to competently resolve legal and family issues, and thereby ensure that family generational estate lands are fairly administered and documented. The development or partition of generational lands is possible, once the title has been brought forward but it can be complicated with heirs that desire property or money or both. Our experienced team impartially co-ordinates all legal and property research, finds and communicates with all heirs while ensuring best value achieved and effective distribution funds and property. Contact Sara Kaufman directly for further information regarding generational land claims, sara@forbesrealtytci.com.

Real Estate Logistics for Developers
The local knowledge, skills, experience and contacts available to you through Forbes Realty TCI on the islands of North and Middle Caicos provides essential support and expertise to bring success to your project through provision of administrative, organizational and management services. Our modern offices on North Caicos, Middle Caicos and Salt Cay are fully equipped, and are at our clients disposal – for meetings, for local base of operations, for security of documents and presentation materials – and more. We can also provide direct project management services, including local bookkeeping, site control, shipping and storage assistance, payroll supervision and digital records for co-ordination with your chosen contractors. Please contact Sara Kaufman directly to discuss further our services available to developers, sara@forbesrealtytci.com.

Call us, email us or come visit! We welcome your enquiries anytime, and will always provide you with quality service in a timely manner. Email forbesrealtytci@gmail.com

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